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Tips on Getting the Most Mileage from Your Media Coverage

Don’t waste great media coverage! After spending days, weeks and sometimes months working with a reporter, the article featuring your spokesperson, idea, firm insight or product gets published. With today’s short attention spans and endless flow of content – especially in financial services – this great piece of coverage may only stay on the front…

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River in the news: Manage Your Reputation

Multinationals’ tax affairs have been in the spotlight over the last few years, but many companies’ communications teams are struggling to keep up with increasing transparency demands and heightened scrutiny. Multinationals need to ensure their tax communication strategies can face up to these pressures. “A high-level understanding of organizational tax policy must first be in place, then companies should work to implement the communications strategy effectively at the operational level — by making sure that tax and communications are aligned internally, planning ahead and by engaging the media effectively,” explains Susan Sugg-Nuccio, a communications adviser at River Communications.

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25 Years

River Communications
Celebrates 25 Years

As we celebrate our 25th year, River Communications would like to thank all of our clients and friends who have been part of our success! We look forward to working with you all for the next 25 years.